Saturday, April 23, 2011

spring is in the air...

Happy Spring has been a fun couple of weeks and I have a few exciting updates...and a few crazy adventures to share too. I am actually writing this update blog from Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Sweet Baby Kyan started coming down with something last weekend and by Monday night he was one sick little man. After trying to fight it at home we had to bring him to the doctor and they sent us on the the hospital. Four days later we're still here.... getting ready to check out this afternoon. He had bronchitis and was really struggling to breath. He is such a trooper though...even when he was so sick he was all smiles and flirting with all of his nurses. They all come by our room just to play with him, he was the hit of the pediatric floor. Our sweet friends here took such good care of us, calling, praying, visiting, bringing dinners and making Easter baskets for the kids!!! Thank you guys for loving on are a blessing to our family!

Last weekend we had a blast running our first family race. Josh and I ran the 10K and the kids each had their own race. I love that the kids are old enough to run with us...even the boys raced (Kyan in the jogger stroller). Both the girls won 2nd place in their races and Josh won the big door prize that was a free entry into the triathlon on Siesta Key next now he has a huge race and 4 weeks to train for it...crazy!

Spring break was a blast, we went to the beach everyday and spent a few days at Disney with Aunt Lin and Uncle Derek. The girls had so much fun with them...riding all of the roller coasters over and over and over!!!

We found a new favorite hobby...kayaking! We go out to South Lido beach and put the kayaks in on the bay side. We love to explore through the mangrove caves when the tide is beautiful...and the kids love it! We always see all kinds of amazing marine life, dolphins, crabs, sting rays, huge jellyfish, tons of birds and beautiful fish. We go as often as we can. We just love being at the water, and the weather has been perfect since Valentines Day...85 everyday and no humidity yet. The ocean is warm again too so we spend alot of time shelling and swimming.

A huge blessing fell into our laps last week...we found a home...with a yard and a pool..and a ton of outdoor space...and we are moving next weekend! The whole story is crazy but God just lined up all the details...we will rent it for the next several is perfect for our family.

Six weeks left of school...that flew by! We are looking forward to our big road trip...first stop Chicago and then on to Colorado. Can't wait to see you all! We should be in Colorado around June 15th. We get to visit lots of friends and family along the way and then just relax with all of your for a few weeks...

Have a fabulous Easter weekend with your families....know that we miss you and love you!

Love, the Longenecker 6
Josh, Harmony, Addy, Aubrey, Gavin, and Kyan

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  1. Awesome that you guys found a house. Where is at? If you need any help with the move or anything just let me know! I would be happy to take a kid or two off your hands or whatever you need. Glad Kyan is feeling better. Reece had the same thing when he was 4 weeks old and it was scary for a few days. Happy Easter!